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Service Details


  • Annual pricing starts at $75/ft, billed annually on January 1.  Price is prorated monthly for first year.

  • Price includes 1 monthly inspection w/ report.  Can accommodate 2x/month, second trip at a discounted rate.

  • Multiple boat discounts available.

  • CLICK HERE for interactive price tool.  Final price will be dependent on in-person inspection of boat & systems.


  • We come to the boat once (or twice) a month to perform a monthly PMP inspection.  We test systems, clean filters, check power sources, etc.  If there is something wrong, we notify you and/or fix it (see repairs section, below). 

  • CLICK HERE for a list of what we'll be looking at during a monthly PMP inspection.

Boat Health Reports

  • Following the monthly visit, you will get a detailed report, which gets emailed out the following morning.  You will always know the status of your vessel, even if you are not close by! 

  • CLICK HERE to view a sample report.


  • If systems are found to be in need of repair and the cost is estimated to be less than $350, repair will be made same day (provided parts availability) and invoice will be sent to customer.  Repairs estimated to be over $350 will be recommended and require owner approval.  Repairs out of our wheelhouse (ie: outboards & generators) we will recommend a specialist to bring in for assessment.

Discounted Labor

  • Because you are a PMP member, you will receive 10% discount on all labor costs for repairs or upgrades on your boat.  This discount is applied to all labor with MMS, not just repairs associated with the monthly PM service.  This could add up for significant savings throughout the year!


Priority Service

  • Despite the monthly checks, there is always the possibility you'll find that somethings not working, or has stopped working.  If you find yourself on the boat and something has failed or stopped working, we will do our best to fit you in the schedule ASAP.  No more waiting several weeks, or months, to have an issue looked at.


​As boat owners ourselves, we know that preventative maintenance is key to keeping you on the water without downtime.  We are excited to announce our NEW preventative maintenance program (PMP), designed to keep you fishing or cruising, not stuck at the dock!  With this program, we put trained eyes on your boat monthly to look things over and test vital systems.


We have designed this program to provide the maximum amount of value to you.  Some benefits include:

  • Monthly Boat Health Reports

  • Fewer Equipment Repairs

  • Increased System Efficiency

  • Priority Service (for repairs)

  • Discounted Labor Rate

Want to know more?

If you are interested in signing up or learning more, complete the form below and we will be in touch!

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