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​As boat owners ourselves, we know that preventative maintenance is key to keeping your boat on the water, without downtime!  We are excited to announce our NEW preventative maintenance program, to help keep you on the water and not stuck in port.  By signing up for our Preventative Maintenance Package, you get a ton of benefits, some of which include:

  • Fewer and Reduced Repair Costs

  • Increased System Efficiency

  • Priority Service

  • Discounted Labor Rate

  • Monthly Health Reports

We put trained eyes on your boat monthly to look things over and test vital systems.  We want to help ensure that when you are on the water, the fishing line or sunburn is all you need to think about!



  • Check shore power.  Dock side breaker is not tripped, no apparent issues with on-board power.  Check volt meter at main panel (if equipped).

  • Check for excess water in bilge.  Test manual bilge pump(s) and float switches operation.

  • Exercise through-hull seacocks.  Visually inspect hose clamps at seacock for rust/corrosion.  Visually inspect hoses for cracking/leaks/wear, where easily accessible.

  • Check voltage on battery banks.  Clean corrosion on terminals, as needed.  If equipped, ensure onboard charger is powered on and operating.

  • Inspect, visually check charge levels, and agitate handheld fire extinguishers to prevent agent from packing up at base.

  • Test navigation lights (and spot light, if fitted) for operation.

  • Visually check fresh water pump, sinks, and toilets for leaks.  Flush toilets to ensure proper flush, no clogs. 

  • Clean fresh water pump strainer basket, if equipped/needed.

  • Visually inspect dock lines for excessive chafe or wear.

  • Run A/C unit(s) to ensure no faults while running.  Check supply air temp with IR thermometer.  Check and clean air filter, as needed.

  • Clean raw water strainer(s) basket.


  • Update firmware on electronics to newest revision provided by manufacture (if applicable).

  • Thoroughly check all battery/starter connections.  Clean terminals. If flooded cell, check water levels.

  • Check life raft expiration date, if equipped.

  • If Vacuflush toilets, check the leak-down time of vacuum generator using digital vacuum gauge.

  • Descale A/C water circulation system (*additional fee)

  • Winterize freshwater system and holding tank systems (*additional fee).

Service Details


  • $60/ft, billed annually on January 1.  Prorated monthly for first year.


  • We come on the boat once a month to perform a monthly PM inspection.  We test systems, look at filters, check power sources, etc.  If there is something wrong, we fix it (see below).  For a full list of the monthly and yearly inspections, CLICK HERE.

Health Reports

  • Following the monthly PM, you will get a personalized monthly health check report, which gets emailed out same day.  You will always know the status of your vessel, even if you are not close by!  CLICK HERE for a sample report.


  • If systems are found to be in need of a repair, estimated to be less than $500, repair will be made same day (provided parts availability) and invoice will be sent to customer.  Repairs estimated to be over $500 will require owner approval.

Discounted Labor

  • Because you are a PM customer, you will receive 10% discount on all labor costs for repairs or upgrades that are made to the boat.  This discount is applied to all labor, not just repairs associated with the monthly PM service!  This could add up to huge savings!


Priority Service

  • Despite the monthly checks, there is always the possibility you'll find that somethings not working.  If you find yourself on the boat and something has failed, we will do our best to fit you in the schedule ASAP (next day in most cases).  No more waiting several weeks, or months, to have an issue looked at!​

Want to know more?

If you are interested in signing up or learning more, complete the form below and we will be in touch!

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