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Custom built trolling motor wire harness.  Harnesses start at 4' in length and can be made up to 20' in length (for additional lengths, please contact us via email).  

  • 8 gauge harness starts at $115, each additional foot for is $3.25. 
  • 6 gauge harness is $125, each additional foot is $5.75


  • 24v and 36v include color coded jumpers to wire batteries in series.


  • Wire harness is designed to work with Blue Sea Systems series 185 circuit breaker which is what is insluded in the bundle, if chosen.


*Be sure to consult the manufactures installation instructions for wire size (gauge) and circuit protection reccomendations.  Wire size will increase with length of run.  Keep in mind, length of run is from the battery and back, so 15' of cable is a 30' run.  Consult the voltage drop table from Blue Sea Systems (click here) for further info.

Trolling Motor Wire Harness

  • Because this item is custom made to customers specifications, the wire harness is non-returnable.  Please double check length and specifications before ordering.

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